What We Do

With our background in children’s development, education, parenting, psychology, health and well-being we are well placed to work with and advise organisations across a range of child centric issues and topics.

Successful children’s brands and communication programmes employ at their core a sound educational strategy, based upon a solid knowledge of child development.

Children are literally pre-programmed to learn so any stimulus in this area will create maximum engagement and fulfillment. Companies that realise the value of a well thought out education strategy add extra impact to their ongoing brand and product development, marketing and creative communications.

We have a successful track record in creating educational strategies for children’s brands that are creative and innovative and keep pace with the changing landscape of government policy and legislation.

Here are some examples of recent work:

  • Childcare Workforce Agency – writing a workbook
  • Leading workshops
  • Providing advice regarding mapping of qualifications
  • CBeebies – new programme development